What we do

  • We mitigate risk
  • We find vulnerabilities
  • We reduce time to market
  • We protect your reputation
  • We protect your bottom line
  • We enhance your competitive advantage
  • We increase your client and customer retention ratio

Mission Statement

Kinetic Skunk aims to be your Strategic Software Quality Engineering Partner. Your software quality objectives become OUR highest priority. As such we place the utmost importance and value on developing and nurturing strategic relationships. These relationships are built on absolute integrity, mutual trust and our passion for performance.

About Us

Kinetic Skunk is a test-left software quality assurance solutions provider. We specialize in engineering Continuous Testing within DevOps environments. We have pioneered an approach to Continuous Testing that has enabled us to evolve into a Cutting Edge Early Stage Defect Detection and Prevention Solution Provider. We are engineers and our approach is scientific. As such we always scrutinize and assess our approach with the aim of increasing efficiencies.

Kinetic Skunk

Innovation, Creativity, Persistence and Fearlessness

Our Services

Continuous Automated Testing as a Service
  • Automated Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • API Testing
Test Platform as a Service
Test Infrastructure as a Service

Our service delivery models support on-site and off-site/shore engagements. We leverage the cloud to support clients anywhere in the world.

Our Approach

Software Quality Assurance Process

All Kinetic Skunk's automated test suites are managed using source control and a git-based feature-branch strategy. GitLab, Jenkins and Maven are all used to manage our clients test packages. Clients have the choice of using 'stable' or 'beta' test releases for testing their software. This affords our clients the capability of seamlessly integrating continuous testing into their dev-ops solutions.

Kinetic Skunk employs a software engineering approach to Continuous Testing. Continuous testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain immediate feedback on the business risks associated with a software release candidate.

Continuous Test Driven Development

Where We Test

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Tools of our craft

Our Clients

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Give us a call +27 82 772 0561 Send us an email info@kineticskunk.com

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